obstinate and non-compliant

Received a call today from staff at the residential facility where David lives.  Evidently he got sent back to residence for being non-compliant in the classroom.   From there, things escalated.

Once back at the cottage, David was angry.  Started digging in the cupboards that contained belongings of other residents.  Name calling, yelling, verbal threats against staff.  Evidently David thinks that he can get people fired now, as well threatening to kill them.

David ended up being restrained in the time out room.  When the cottage social worker contacted me to let me know that they had to restrain  him to keep him from hurting himself or others, I could hear David in the background yelling at staff.

The cottage is doing the same things that I would have ended up doing here at home with David.  Many times I have had to restrain David because he was a danger to either himself or another family member.

So now, they are working on an Action and Safety Plan for when this occurs again.  I am surprised that they didn’t already have one in place.

I am of mixed feelings about these events.  On one hand, I am reluctant to admit that, I am happy it is happening to them and not the family.  On the other hand, I want to embrace David and tell him that things will be okay.  To try to calm him down and get him to let us know what he is thinking.



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