Placement sometimes feels wrong..

Is it wrong for me to have moments where I relish the concept that David is in placement?

Today for example.  My bride and I went to see David and spent two hours visiting him.  Afterward, we went out for supper and then we went shopping.  When David was at home, we never would have been able to do that.

He was too volatile to leave at home with anyone except his aunt.  And we couldn’t expect her to come and visit every time we needed to go to the store, or wanted to go out to eat.

It isn’t as though we were never able to go to the store, but often a trip to the store involved a pat down of David’s pockets before entering and before leaving.  When he would be in the psych unit at the hospital, we would have respite, as well as when he was with his respite provider or mentors.

So why do I feel bad for enjoying today, and not worrying about David while I was doing it? Not worrying about what David had shoved in his pockets, or down his pants.

I enjoyed the time with my bride.



One Response to Placement sometimes feels wrong..

  1. Carl, I don’t think it is wrong at all for you to relish the thought of being able to have a meal out with your wife and I think it’s THAT which you relish the thought of, not the thought of David being in placement, I think you are just being human and enjoying such a simple thing as a meal with your wife, things that other people just take for-granted and I imagine part of you feels guilty about it but believe me you shouldn’t…I commend you for what you and your wife do for your children, believe me it’s so much more than a lot of parents would do…STOP feeling guilty about spending one hour out of one day not putting David first, he and the other kids consume your life..IMO there HAS to be some time for CARL and his BRIDE so take that time and treasure it as it doesn’t come around too often…JMO