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Christmas in Ohio, 1930 I remember this Christ...
Christmas in Ohio, 1930 I remember this Christmas because we spent it in Greenville, Ohio, at my O’Brien grandparents’ house. And I remember the dump trucks that my brother and I played with for years in the sandpile. Grandmother O’Brien and Great Grandfather Peirce are in the photo. I was 6 and my brother David was 2. This is probably the last photo ever teken of Great Grandfather Peirce because he died in April 1931. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our family celebrates Christmas on the eve.  Then we spend Christmas Day with my bride’s family.  This holiday is no different.

Our celebration is incomplete though without David’s voice and joy ringing through the house.  Without him getting into presents that aren’t his, and helping things to disappear. We celebrated with David on Sunday in an apartment operated by the facility where he is a resident.  All is well with him, and I can not ask God for more for him.  We are blessed that he is in a safe place, and that he is comfortable there.

Rather than recount the orgy of greed that seems to Christmas, I will say that my family is truly thankful for the blessings that this year has brought us.  We have had our share of challenges, we lost some good friends along the way.  Robyn first in Davidh, Stan in April, David in May and now Luke yesterday.

Our country has seen its share of tragedies this year as well.  Theaters in Colorado, numerous school shootings or threats of violent confrontation.  The loss of soldiers on the field of battle.  It seems that no individual part of the country was spared from some type of tragedy.

Firefighters and law enforcement personnel have died, families grieve for their loved ones.

As you read this, and look out over your families this Christmas, remember that we are all blessed with life.  A life that can be taken in an instant.  Treasure each moment with your families.

God blesses each of us with life.  It doesn’t matter how we evolved into the people we are.  What matters is that we learn how to treasure human life.  We need to treasure it everyday, not just when tragedy occurs.

This piece isn’t about the right to life.  It isn’t about gun control.  Treasure what is right in front of you before it is too late, and either you, or they are gone from this world.

Treasure the gift of…

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