a thought about publicity and blogging about my son

there are some who write blogs about their families that do so for the attention and the publicity that they can attain.

My blog has never been about getting a bunch of attention.  It has been about our struggles with mental illness in a small child.  It is about our struggle in getting appropriate services both in school and in treatment centers for that child.

We, our family, miss David everyday that he is gone.  He has been in the residential psychiatric facility for 2 and a half months.  In that time, my level of posting has decreased.  Why?  Without David at home, there is very little to write about.  His care is satisfactory, he appears to be responding well to treatment goals.

We do not know when David will be returning to the family home.  At this point, we want to get through the holidays and see how things go.  This will be challenging, as this coming weekend will be the first time the whole family will be together in one place since David began treatment.  It will be interesting to see how he responds.

I struggle with what to write, in the past, I have struggled greatly with the depth of my articles regarding David.  But to get to know the whole situation with David, more detail is needed.  I don’t do this to seek publicity.  I do this because it helps me sort through and come to appropriate ways of dealing with David’s mental illness.

I am a fan of other blogs on the net that are basically the same as mine.  There exists a group of bloggers who write because it helps others understand some aspects of mental illness.  You can’t understand everything just by reading about it in a blog post.  You need to live it to understand just what families go through for their kids.

Placing David in a residential facility was the hardest decision that we ever had to make.  It is not easy to come to the conclusion that as a parent you have no recourse in your child’s care except residential.

My blog isn’t about making money. My blog is about helping myself, my family and if it works, others to understand the depth of mental illness and its affect on the lives that it touches.

If by chance, I get some monetary gain for the blog, that would be a bonus, but it isn’t the primary focus. That monetary gain would be used to further fund the care that David requires.

Will he ever be able to live on his own in society?  We don’t know.  It is a goal, but at this stage in his life it is only a goal.

For more information about how mental health and illness touches families, see the following blogs:

There are many blogs in the world today that deal with the topic of raising children with special needs.  These are but a few of them.  I mean no slight toward any blogger by not listing them here.  Truth is, there are so many that I wouldn’t have enough time to list them all.



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  1. Woot! I figured it out on how to comment! (my blonde was showing through!) Anyway, on to the comment. I will never know what you are going through with your son. All I can say is I will be here to support you if you need someone to vent to.