Adoption placement date Plus 10 years

10 years ago today David came to his forever home.

I can’t believe that it has been 10 years already.

In that time, there were so many things that happened.

The first laptop that he took apart when he was 4.

The first desktop that he tried to take apart when he was 5.

The first set of keys that he stole.

The first time he tried to hurt himself while he was angry with one of us.

The laughter when he would tell what he thought was a funny joke.

The teasing grin that he would display when he thought he was getting away with something.

The impish smile when he was happy about whatever was going through his head.

He never met someone he couldn’t be friends with.

I remember how excited he was the day he took that laptop apart.  He was doing work just like daddy.

Looking back, I find that I remember the good times we had with him more than the bad.

We had to make the horrible decision to place David in a residential facility, not once, but twice.  It is a decision that can tear apart a family.  It can also bring a family closer together.  David is happy there.  He doesn’t mind it.  To him, it is home.  I don’t know when, or even if he will be able to come back to his forever home, but he will always have a forever family.


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