Celebrated Christmas with David at the PRTF

We spent the day with David.  He got to open his presents from us, and we opened our presents from him.  It was a good day.

the facility has apartments for families to utilize when they are visiting.  As a result, we spent the day in a home like environment rather than in the more institutional cottage where he resides.

David received an abundance of clothes, and toys.  I received a cell phone case and wallet.  the siblings each got books or useful items like makeup mirrors.

After lunch we watched a couple of movies and just enjoyed our time with David.  He was so different.  Calm doesn’t seem to be the right word, as he still had plenty of energy.  But you could tell he was working on controlling himself.

When we left, sad to say, old habits die hard.  We checked all of his stuff to ensure that he didn’t have anyone’s cell phone. David seems content to be there.  I know mom and I shared quiet tears that we had to leave him there.

Merry Christmas David.  We love you very much.  Keep working on your goals, and maybe next year you can be home for Christmas.

For those who don’t know terminology – PRTF

P – Psychiatric
R – Residential
T – Treatment
F – Facility

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