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Reblog: Eggnog Recipe for Kids and Santa Claus Song

Christmas Eggnog Recipe For Kids! Here’s an eggnog recipe for kids that is perfect for the Christmas holidays! Baking and cooking helps children learn about nutrition. It also helps them build their literacy, math, social and fine motor skills. This delicious non-alcoholic eggnog recipe eggnog recipe for kids is easy enough for preschool and kindergarten… Continue Reading

Reblog: Giving Back, Receiving, and Winning with #GivingChristmas in a Flash

The Kat’s Cafe Gift Guide for Special Needs Families Coming And Flash Campaign for #GivingChristmas Set to Commence We delayed the start of our impromptu Giving Christmas campaign as well as the amazing Gift Guide for Special Needs Families here at Kat’s Cafe out of respect for the tragedy of late last week. While everything… Continue Reading

Reblog: Laugh Log – Dix-Sept

Laugh Log is a roundup of (surprise!) stuff that made me laugh recently. Sometimes it’ll have stuff that made me giggle or think or cry or say ‘Awww’ or wish I had thought of it first.   So here’s this week’s Laugh Log. Have you fanned me up on Facebook? If not, here’s your chance! Made Me Laughs On Facebook: It’s… Continue Reading

Reblog: It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas… Well, Maybe A Little…

As you know… I am a proud Canadian.  I am also proud of the fact that I can, as much or more than anyone else, enjoy a little Canadian humour…. and I know, there’s a lot of it!  There are some very strong stereotypes of life in Canada, and I for one, love the fun… Continue Reading

Reblog: AAC iPad App for Children with Special Needs – Giving Christmas #1

Amazing iPad APP for Children with Autism, Aphasia, or Other Problems Speaking!   I’m leading off the Giving Christmas Giveaways with this amazing APP for children with special needs that include problems speaking. My review is yet to come on this since I want to spend more time reviewing all the features, but I have… Continue Reading

I am going to use the R word.

[kc_background_pac_3_underline_3 size=”35″ color=”#000000″ ]Reprehensible[/kc_background_pac_3_underline_3]. I can define reprehensible, or you can look it up over at Talk of gun control legislation without talk of Mental Health service expenditures is reprehensible. We can not have one conversation without the other.  It would be irresponsible of our society to assume that guns are solely to blame,… Continue Reading

Out of respect

Out of respect, our post regarding the tragedy in Newtown will remain in draft form. It is our opinion, that there are enough opinions on the matter, and we will not add more to the cauldron. To the citizens of Newtown, CT.  You are in our thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time.  Peace.… Continue Reading

positive thoughts about David

Met with the team about David today.  Largely, the meeting was positive in nature. Working on the same issues of stealing, and aggression.  Some days it is one step forward and two steps back, but he is working hard.  Can’t ask for more than that right now. They had to make some changes to locks… Continue Reading

a thought about publicity and blogging about my son

there are some who write blogs about their families that do so for the attention and the publicity that they can attain. My blog has never been about getting a bunch of attention.  It has been about our struggles with mental illness in a small child.  It is about our struggle in getting appropriate services… Continue Reading

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