positive thoughts about David

Met with the team about David today.  Largely, the meeting was positive in nature.

Working on the same issues of stealing, and aggression.  Some days it is one step forward and two steps back, but he is working hard.  Can’t ask for more than that right now.

They had to make some changes to locks on cupboards and closets because David figured out how to pick the locks that were there.  They also made it a rule that morning stuff has to be done before breakfast.  You know, make your bed, brush your teeth, pick up your room – that kind of thing.

Staff isn’t allowed to carry cell phone into the cottage now, less temptation for David that way.

Seriously looking at putting the whole family into family counseling.  They offer it, so it would be a matter of making the trip up there for services.  One evening a week or so.  Not sure how my family will respond to that.  So will broach the subject after the holidays are over.

The plan as of right now is to spend the 23rd with David at an apartment on campus.  They have apartments that families can use to spend with the kids.  Since David isn’t allowed off campus yet, this will be a positive thing.  David doesn’t get to come home for Christmas at this point.

We did talk briefly about a dissociative condition that David may have.  The therapist is going to speak with the psychiatrist about it.



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