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Parent teacher conference for David

Positive comments regarding David at the conferences tonight. He still doesn’t like mathematics. Does well in reading, writing and art. Does well in PE.  And then the primary teacher said “we have told David that if he doesn’t behave, they are going to call an IEP meeting with his home school in Garrison.”

Not sure we agree with that considering all of the problems we had there. And I am sure the local school doesn’t want David any where near their building.

Assumptions about Autism are Detrimental to All Involved

By Danica C. (originally posted at My Corner of the Pond) Something that has been bothering me for a while is someone who visited my family a while back & spent maybe an hour or two. This person told another friend my daughter was not on spectrum. Now this person has never up till that… Continue Reading

A solution to a shopping dilemma or Not that one, get that one…

The other day, I had a dilemma while shopping.  It wasn’t a medical dilemma, or one about which brand of feminine hygiene product to purchase.  Had nothing to do with milk choices, cereal choices or anything like that which the stay at home dad has had to purchase before.  Nope it was facial scrub. Remember? … Continue Reading

pssst. Hey you, put down your coffee for a minute.

  Everyone thinks nothing of spending 5 or 10 dollars at Starbucks, or Caribou.  Think that you can go without coffee today?  Yeah, I think so too. How about donating that coffee or the cost of it to a worthwhile organization?  Today, Feb 14 is Giving Hearts Day in North Dakota.  Every dollar donated stays… Continue Reading

Giveaway – Battle Tracker and for 2 Geek Dad books from Dad Bloggers

I am a member of a dad blogger group on facebook.  As a member, we occasionally have giveaways that we participate in as a group where one dad reviews a product.  We do come across some pretty cool products, and we aren’t obligated to participate in any.   But this one is really cool.  With… Continue Reading

Carl’s Top Secret Meatloaf – aka “Moldy Bread Meatloaf”

Ingredients. 3 pounds of Ground Beef 4 raw eggs 1 medium onion 1/3 cup fresh chopped parsley 4 splashes of Worcester Sauce 3/4 cup of ground crackers 1 loaf of moldy bread 1 8 ounce can of tomato sauce Remove jewelery set to side. open up the ground beef and place in a large mixing… Continue Reading