A solution to a shopping dilemma or Not that one, get that one…

The other day, I had a dilemma while shopping.  It wasn’t a medical dilemma, or one about which brand of feminine hygiene product to purchase.  Had nothing to do with milk choices, cereal choices or anything like that which the stay at home dad has had to purchase before.  Nope it was facial scrub.

Remember?  Yeah, I see the light come on.  You have had that experience yourself haven’t you?

At the store that day, I remember seeing this lady holding her phone up to the razors.  She was talking to it at the same time, and every once in a while I heard this guy say “not that one…”

How clever is that?  Do you see it?  Yeah, I didn’t at first either.  She was videoing the choices and showing them to her husband.  Even though he wasn’t there, he could still pick out his own razor.  Oh yeah!… the photograph of the intended item for pickup on steroids!  What a brilliant idea.

I know, the moms among us are thinking… how stupid are you?  You couldn’t figure that out?  Well, you know.. men look for solutions to the problems.  We would have found it sooner or later.  And I could use the excuse that we haven’t been the stay at home parent responsible for shopping nearly as long as the wife has… Excuses excuses… Tell me about it.

It was a pretty cool idea.  In all fairness, I don’t know if it was the husband’s idea, or the wife’s idea.  So let’s say it was a mutual discovery of both and leave it at that.

So what cool apps let us do this?

If you are exclusively Apple oriented, you can use:

If you are Android oriented, or a mixture of Apple/Android, you can use:

Either one will give you the features that you want.  🙂  Face to Face chat.  So you can have your spouse say “Not that one… Not that one… Not that one… Get that one…”



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