Information Request Regarding Fatherhood Initiatives at the State and Local Level

Annually, I assist in Title V Block Grant Reviews of State Programs.  Today I received a request for information.  I immediately thought you might be able to help me.

I received this from HRSA.  If you have something you want to share, send me an email.

For those that don’t know acronyms:
HRSA : Health Resources and Services Administration
MCHB : Maternal/Child Health Bureau
MIECHV : Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting


Today, we are pulling together a list of things that MCHB is doing around fatherhood. As I know this is a topic of interest for you . . .I wanted to share a few of these things we have found so far.

MCH Library literature review

Resource Guide-

If you have any activity at the state or community level you would like to report, please let me know. This is the description of what we are addressing and would like to include as much info about programs in the states as possible.  When we finish the MCH Database search, I will forward anything that might be of interest to you too.

Here is the para describing it:
ASPE is pulling together information on fatherhood models in federal programs, as part of the Administration’s larger effort around family strengthening. We provided them information today on which home visiting models is doing what fatherhood curriculum/programs, and some information on measures, evidence of effectiveness and opportunities to strengthen fatherhood through MIECHV programs.

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