School Board Election

I Voted Today
I Voted Today (Photo credit: Madison Guy)

It’s official.  I dropped off the letter of intent and statement of interests today.  I am seeking a 3 year term on the school board for our district.  Wish me luck.

Given my background in technology, I imagine that if I get elected, I will be on the technology committee.  Anything that we can do to prepare students for the future, be it technology or what have you, we need to find a way to do it.

It will be interesting to see what happens.  Since we placed David in the psychiatric facility last fall, our interactions with the school have been largely nonexistent.  Other than parent teacher conferences, or IEP meetings for our other children at the high school, things have been for the most part positive.

With that, there will be little for me to write about our district.  If I don’t win election, it will seem like sour grapes.  If I win, I am biting the hand… On the other hand, if something isn’t right, you can be darn sure that I will speak up about it.

That doesn’t mean the end for WhyNotFathers.  I will be moving more toward a goal of writing articles and posts geared to stay at home dads.  I am also going to work on writing a book about David.  Well, it will be about our fight with Reactive Attachment Disorder and mental illness in a child.  It’s affect on the family and the stresses that are involved in raising a child with RAD.  Look for that sometime in the fall of 2013 at the earliest.

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