Dishwasher, Dishwasher, why do you

always break down at the wrong time.

Dishwasher (Photo credit: astrangegirl)

Seems like it is a never ending cycle of appliance repair here at the WhyNotFathers household.

First it was a vacuum cleaner, which we ended up burning the motor out of after I replaced the faulting hose in the base of the unit.  We purchased a new machine to replace it.  Then it was the dryer, a new heat element solved that issue.  Until the washer went out.  Yeah, not going to tear apart a washing machine…  Replaced that.

Then the dishwasher got a really funky smell.  So I replaced all of the filters, and every conceivable piece of plastic in the tub.  End of smell.  After that the pump went out.  Backordered the pump.  Got the new pump today.

Should be interesting to see how much it takes to fix the problem.  Although from the parts diagram, it should be fairly easy.

Just call me Mr. Fixit.  Now if I could just get the electronic panel on the stove to work like it is supposed… where is my multi-meter….

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One Response to Dishwasher, Dishwasher, why do you

  1. The electric unit on our stove is going out, too. We just replaced our refrigerator this week.

    Angela 🙂