a new week, a better outlook

Today we had staffing for David.  While I won’t go through the ins and outs of everything that was discussed, I will say this.  The team isn’t ready to give up on him regardless of what the school says.

We are going to explore the possibility that he is on a manic swing with his bipolar disorder.  It would be one of many possible explanations for the escalation of his behavior.

There were some scary things that we learned this week.  David was biting a battery.  You could see teeth marks in it.

So he is not allowed batteries.  He has limited access to electronic gadgets such as mp3 players.  He has no computer privileges.  His room gets stripped of everything every 4 hours.


Because even as much as he is watched, he still is very adept at taking that which does not belong to him.

Especially cell phones.

Oh, and he really doesn’t like his teacher.

We did spend a little time with David today.  Just talking.  We played our word association game, but he really wasn’t interested.  The whole time, his eyes were very busy.  Looking at everything. Always moving.  His frequently adjusted his position, and a near constant phrase to any question was “I don’t know.”



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