explain this to me like I am a four year old.

David, has a history of obsessive compulsive behaviors.  Especially relating to electronic devices.

David takes cell phones, remote controls, mp3 players.  The people at his school knew this before he started there.  They were reminded of this yesterday.  We discussed this, yesterday.  Why then would you leave your purse or cell phone where it is accessible by him?  Isn’t that just setting him up for failure?

David needs to be responsible for his own actions. I agree. But don’t they also need to think about their actions? They are supposed to be professionals.

I am so frustrated right now.

They described him as “incredibly quick” they said he “went down on one knee, got back up, and we knew that he had taken something, just not what that something was.”  So now David is going to be charged with theft.  Because it happened at the school and not the residence hall.  Since the school isn’t a part of the facility, they have their own rules to follow.

Can we say that I am not impressed?

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2 Responses to explain this to me like I am a four year old.

  1. I understand your frustration. However, how far does society need to go to keep David from stealing from them? Your family was locking up your electronics and he still managed to get them. It’s frustrating when mental illness plays a role in law breaking, yet stealing is stealing.

    • You are correct. Stealing is stealing. Wouldn’t it make sense to not leave that item just laying around? I don’t know if it was in a purse or not. He stole it, and that is a crime.

      They indicated yesterday that they didn’t think it was the best place for him. Are they purposely leaving things laying around with the hopes that he can accumulate enough charges to be moved to a different facility?

      I know, conspiracy theorists unite… 🙂

      Thank you for taking the time to comment.