Update on David.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

David is finally admitting that he tried to harm himself.

It took some prompting, and he acts like it is no big deal.

He said that he didn’t mean to scare anyone when he wrapped the shoestrings around his throat.

He thinks that they are letting him go back to the residential facility tomorrow, but we haven’t heard anything about it.

All the same. In other news, we are going to get an advocate involved to see if we can get an aide in the classroom just for David.  That coupled with the changes in his meds, and we hope to get him to stay in the classroom.  A second IEP meeting has been scheduled because we disagreed with the first one.

Initially, mom and I were under the impression that the school could determine when he was sent elsewhere for placement.  With the aide of the clinical and residential staff, our view was changed.  Thus a scheduling of a new IEP.

The school is not happy.  I am not really worried about what they think of me, I am concerned with getting David the best service and care possible.

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