Some days make everything worthwhile

English: A father and son silhouetted on the f...I will be the first to admit, raising a child with Reactive Attachment Disorder is a challenge.  Raising a David is an incredible challenge.


Made it all worthwhile.

I have chronic illnesses, and as a result, sometimes have difficulty sleeping.  Some days too much, other days, not at all.  Friday night was one of those “not at all” nights.  When I finally fell asleep at 6am, I was utterly exhausted.

9am, my phone rings.  David calling.  Any other time, I would love to talk to him.

Since he is on a kick right now where he is calling, I answered it.

“Dad, could we change our dad and me time?” he asked.

“What did you have in mind?” I asked wearily.

“How about we go to the 1 o’clock movie?  Epic.”  he stated.

And thus, my time with David bumped from 3pm to 1pm, and we went to a movie together.

It is one of the few times elation overcomes exhaustion.

The movie was good.  But the best part about it was David sitting in the chair next to me, asking me if I wanted some of his popcorn.  It doesn’t get better than that.

I found it to be incredibly cool that he asked.  I found it incredible that he had off-campus privileges.  This is one of the few times that I can remember that happening.  It doesn’t mean he is cured, but what it means is success.

Even a small step of success is something to be celebrated.

It is something that we can hope to achieve over and over again.

Of course, he didn’t sit still the whole movie, that wouldn’t have been like David at all, but it was good none the less.

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