PRTF Update and sadness

First, let me start by defining PRTF for our readers.

Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility.  (PRTF)

David is a resident at a PRTF about an hour north of our house.  Today, we received notice that his stay there is coming to an end.

The reasons that we were given:

  • Hyperactivity is getting worse.
  • Aggressive behaviors are increasing.


  • Behaviors are decreasing beyond what we can manage here.
  • the psychologist says testing shows mental health needs are increasing.   Reality levels are decreasing.
  • Needs a residence with decreased stimulation.
  • David is not benefiting from being at the facility.

At this point, there are no facilities that we know of that can take our 12 year old boy.


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To say that we are heartbroken is an understatement.  We are also very frustrated.  They are licensed by the state to care for kids like David.  Yet we are at this point.

The nearest facility that might be able to accept David is about 500 miles from home.  Not sure it helps a child with Reactive Attachment Disorder to be even further from his family.   I explained to the staff that if they couldn’t handle David with a full complement of staff, there is no way we could bring him home and expect to handle him.


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