Parent Teacher Conferences – A joy for David

Mom and I went to Parent Teacher Conferences at the PRTF where David lives last night.  To say that we were surprised in what we heard would be an understatement.  By all accounts, David is doing well.

Compared to last year, when he couldn’t be kept in the classroom, now, he does the work.  Not without redirects, but hey, this is a kid with severe mental illness, just keeping him in the classroom is a start.

He has a difficult time staying on task, but with a teacher that was reminiscent of Bonnie Franklin from One Day at a Time, he is making headway this year.  Even the keyboarding teacher had positive things to say about David, and he is doing very poorly in her class.

The social self.
The social self. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is in stark contrast from what we hear in the monthly staffing that we attend where we go over his treatment plan.  All we hear then is how David continues to struggle.  Of course he is going to struggle.  When the maximum effective life span of any medication cycle is 90 days, we need to constantly be aware that his body metabolizes and attunes itself to meds very quickly.  This is something that we have told the staff there time, and time again.

Yet, they still want to move him to a facility where he can be more controlled, and where he has less interaction with peers.

I don’t agree with that.  Time to make my voice heard.

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