Bed Available!

Today, we received notification from David’s current residential placement that there is a bed open at another facility.

Evidently, David has been accepted at this other facility, and we have to call them.

Now.  we haven’t made application to the other facility.

So I called the other facility and asked how they can accept David if we haven’t made application yet.

Waiting to hear back from them now.  It frustrates me that we can continually ask why he needs to be moved, the only thing that they say is that he needs more one on one staff and increased structure.

We are not in favor of his placement at any other facilities.  However, since David’s placement is parental, rather than judicial, we may not have a choice.  It isn’t safe to bring him home, and if the facility wants to, they could discharge him tomorrow.

David has abandonment issues.  How is moving him further from home helping?

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