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Move date confirmed

On January 16th, mom and I will be moving our son to a facility 500 miles from home.

During this process we have more questions than we have answers.

  1. What happens next year if this new facility decides they are no longer appropriate for David?
  2. It took a long time to get David comfortable with the teaching staff, shouldn’t we have an IEP meeting with the new school prior to placement so that the new school can be made aware of what works and doesn’t work with him?
  3. Will he miss us, as much as we miss him?
  4. When can he move back to his home state?  Who decides that he is stable enough for that to happen?

What a way to ring in the new year!

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tentative move date scheduled for David

We received notice today that we can move David on the 9th.  That doesn’t work for our family, as we have other obligations for our children.  So we asked for the 16th of January.  We will know New Year’s Eve if that will work or not. Sad to think about moving him 500 miles. Pray… Continue Reading

Another pleasant visit

We had a pleasant visit with David today.  No issues, no tantrums. Last week after we left he had a period of high activity and needed to be restrained. They were afraid he would hurt himself or someone else.  Since then, no problems. Nearly every week I hear how good he is doing. If he… Continue Reading

A win, no matter how you look at it

Yesterday we spent the afternoon with David.  In addition to having Christmas with him, we also had his monthly staffing with the facility staff where he lives. Mostly positive reports. David continues to be all over the place with his energy levels and behaviors.  By all reports, he is doing very well in school. Last… Continue Reading

A watershed moment

yesterday, Friday, was something of a watershed moment for us.  We realize that we are one day closer to moving David to another state for the ongoing care and treatment of his multifaceted mental illness.  On Monday, December 23, we will have our last monthly staffing meeting for David. On Monday, December 23, we will… Continue Reading

A pleasant visit

Yesterday we had the opportunity to see David, like we do every weekend.  The visit started out rather rocky, with him copping an attitude about food. Seems that the cottage residents made brownies and he was afraid he wouldn’t get any. Watched a movie, mom and dad worked on some craft things.  The best part… Continue Reading

MRI, EEG, no communication

Dear readers… Last month you may remember reading about David having a seizure.  The psychiatrist put it down to his medication.  As a result of my demands, they sent him to a neuro-psychiatrist.  The neuropsych doctor ordered an EEG and a MRI. Staff was instructed to keep parents informed about the testing dates so that… Continue Reading

Mental Illness and magic

So it seems like the residence where David is has this belief that after 1 year his issues should go away. If only mental illness worked that way. You know how it is.. on day 364, mental illness is still raging.  on day 365, it is magically gone. yeah, that’s the ticket. Got an email… Continue Reading