2014 New Resolutions

I don’t normally make resolutions, but thought I would document some of my thoughts on what the new year might bring.

  1. Explore all possibilities for returning our son to his home state.
  2. Explore ways to limit the pain my family is going through while dealing with mental illness of our son.
  3. Advocate for the other “Meth Babies” and kids like David who need services in our state, and to not be shipped off to other locations.
  4. I won’t hold grudges against those who won’t help kids like David.  I will educate them on the error of their ways.
  5. I will be a stronger parent to my kids.  They have a say in our family as well, what affects David, also affects them.
  6. I will work on completing my book about parenting a child with reactive attachment disorder so that others may benefit from reading about our experiences.
  7. I will remember that there is always hope.



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