First contact and meeting at new facility

We had our first conference call with the team from the new facility yesterday.  A full team is involved.  Care team, medical team, education, and equally important, the family.

Once we got through the initial introductions, focus was directly on medication.  Like mom and I, they believe that the least amount of medication necessary to do the job is the best way to go.  However…

While I know medication is not a cure, I also know what David is like when the meds aren’t enough to maintain even the slightest level of stability.  At 12, he has been on adult doses for most of his life of all of these medications.  It is something that we have struggled with since we started with medication when David was 4.

Both David’s care coordinator and I warned them that, while we are in favor of fewer meds, they need to be aware that his behaviors will escalate.  We also discussed the 60 to 90 day rule for his medications effective life.  Every other month or so, they need to adjust medications to keep him stable.   It is the only way to keep him stable and maintain any level of therapeutic initiative.


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Well, when David’s birth mom was pregnant with him, she used recreational drugs right up to the day of delivery.  He went through withdrawals immediately after birth.   No infant should have to experience such a thing.

On another note, David calls more frequently and we are saving up the money necessary to take a trip out and see him.  Hopefully over Easter.   David is adjusting well to the placement, and has had few instances of acting out.  Though he is in the “honeymoon” phase of placement, and still adjusting to the new rules and regulations.  Once he figures out what he can get away with, I assure you, he will start to push limits and show his behaviors.

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