Frustrating visit. Attitude.

214738908_80_80Prior to today’s visit, we had two weekend family visits left at David’s current facility. So we extended the visit by an hour.   Soon, he will be 500 miles away, making it impossible to visit him weekly.

The visit started out rocky with David not listening.  But he settled down.

Then an hour before the visit was to end, David started antagonizing his sister.  Pushing until she got upset.  So mom and I sat David down, we explained to him that our weekly visits were coming to an end because of the move to the new facility.

He got mouthy.  Said that he was told that it wasn’t happening for a while.

So we explained to him that it was happening in 12 days.  Denial set in.

So we packed up and ended the visit early.

Denial isn’t really the right word for it.  He just didn’t care.   We explained that his behaviors are the determining factor in both our visits, and his pending return home.  I can handle mouthy.  But when it gets so negative that it upsets the rest of the family, then we decide to end the visit early.

Back at the residence hall, I explained to staff about his behavior.  Evidently he has been acting up in the residence hall as well.

One the way home, his siblings asked if they could skip the next visit.

Next week, one of his aunts is going to visit.  We have instructed the staff that they are not to leave campus.  David has the ability to manipulate people.  Won’t let that happen if I can reasonably prevent it.  Besides, there are facilities on campus that are available for family visits.


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