David is in the new facility.

We left home this morning in near blizzard conditions.  What should have been a 45 minute drive took more than an hour.  Loaded David’s things, consolidated the boxes from 7 to 4.  And then hit the road.

David was very well behaved during the trip to the new facility.  468 miles.

The new facility seems nice enough.  Though they questioned why David was being moved from his previous placement to the new facility.  We gave our standard response… “They didn’t want him there anymore.”

We did receive a tour of the lodge where he will be living.  He has his own room, classroom is right in the lodge.  3 teachers to 8 kids.  Quiet rooms on two floors.

Meals are completed right in the lodge kitchen.  There are ample recreation opportunities that do not involve video games.  There is a swimming pool on site. David commented that he didn’t know how to swim.  He was informed that he would be learning.

Overall, other than the distance from home, I feel very positive about this move.  Tomorrow morning mom and I get to tour the rest of the facility.

He is in the Autism unit.

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