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Is it a vendetta? A simple letter.

My wife and I adopted a child with special needs.  I admit it freely.  I have no qualms about admitting it.  We fell in love with a little boy, and when the opportunity came to provide him a forever family, we took it. We make no apologies for doing so.

With that comes a responsibility.  It is a responsibility that comes just like it does for any natural born children.  What is it?  An expectation of love.  An expectation that the child’s parents will do everything in their power to ensure that his needs are met.  That he can receive the appropriate education guaranteed by law.

As a parent, I signed up for this.  I did so willingly and of my own volition, as did my wife.  It has been three years since my child was in public school within our community.  Not a day goes by when we haven’t wished that he could be educated in our community with his siblings.

Tell me, what parent wouldn’t fight for their child with everything they have?  What parent would just roll over and push their child freely away from them into a home without doing everything else possible?  Without fighting for that child?  Would you?

Our son is in a residential placement.  This is the third full placement, not including hospitalizations and medicine changes in his life.   Will he ever be in a place in his life where he can live at home, and attend a school with his siblings?  I don’t know.  I wish I had that answer.

So why do some people feel compelled to take their personal feelings out about this situation on my wife at her workplace?  I just don’t understand this.  It makes for a hostile work environment that doesn’t need to exist.

Why am I writing about this?

It is a simple thing really.

My bride and I have been married for 20 years.  I think I know her just about as well as anyone.  To say that this is beginning to affect her health is an understatement.

Our son’s education is protected by national law.  I will use every letter of that law to ensure that his right’s are met.  That his needs are met.

Not happy with public education?

If you aren’t happy with the “free and appropriate education” that all kids in this country are entitled to, then by all means, enroll your children in a private school.  It has been three years since our children shared a classroom.  Get over it. My son has a mental illness.  As such, he has an… Continue Reading

monthly staffing report – Good Stuff

Today we had our monthly update conference call for David. When he left his previous placement he was struggling with some subjects.  Not sure if the standards are different in the new facility, but they report that he has a C average in all of his classes. He is not doing remedial work.  He is… Continue Reading

Ah David. Good to see the little guy

Would I really travel for 12 hours just to see him for 2 hours?  Yes I would.  Whenever the opportunity arises, you will find me on the road to see David. Had a really good visit.  He was overly concerned about death though.  Wanted to know what would happen to him if his mom and… Continue Reading

A visit to David

Today, I am traveling out to see David. So excited to see the little man.  It has been a month since we placed him out there. Tweet #fighting4answrs Continue Reading

gun violence – a potential.

With that kind of title, you are thinking that something is going on with David.  Not this time.  I have been working on a story.  A hypothetical if you wish.  I would like your opinion. Imagine if you will a young adult, who gets upset with a boy or girlfriend over a break up.  Now… Continue Reading

what is David like?

In a lot of ways this could be David.  In some ways, I think David is worse.  In other ways, David could be better.  I haven’t been able to find a better example. I would welcome a conversation with the people who do these news stories. The problems we have in this country with Mental… Continue Reading

An update on David’s recent crisis

David is stable.  He is still under the suicide watch and will continue to be for the next couple of days.  Tomorrow he sees the psych team, and Tuesday we meet with the therapist. Because of the number of staff that need to work with David at any one point, they didn’t have enough in… Continue Reading

A threat of suicide and a prayer

This morning, I received a phone call from staff.  David is in crisis. It is more than that.  Yesterday two young men got into a fight or something, and David decided to get involved.  As a result he lost all privileges.  Has to spend 20 minutes of every half hour with staff. They usually start… Continue Reading

Is it censorship or good parenting?

In light of the recent headlines regarding such “stars” as Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and others, is it considered censorship to not allow my children to watch their videos, or listen to their music? For example.  Recently it has been alleged that the flight crew on Bieber’s plane had to go on oxygen because the… Continue Reading