David in Crisis Part 2

David was in crisis.

His manic moods are nothing new to us.  They are new to the facility where he lives now.

Today, among other things, they called and talked about an allegation that David made against a staff.

David has learned that he can file grievances and complaints against the staff at the facility.  While it is great that the residents have the ability to do that, I wonder…

See when David is in a mood swing, he can become very violent, lashing out at anything and anyone.  We know first hand just how strong his little body can be when he is in a mood swing.

He can get out of most holds.  There were times when I had to lay my body across his to get him to stop hurting either himself or someone else.  I am more than 4 times his body weight.

I applaud the staff for being upfront and calling to discuss the latest mood swings with me.  I explained a bit more about David’s history that they didn’t seem to grasp the day we admitted him.  Or maybe they just wanted to reserve judgement and see it for themselves.  I don’t know.

I appreciate candor.  When David was in full meltdown a staff member grabbed his arm to keep him from doing something.  What that was, I don’t know.  But…  having been there, I can only imagine.

One thing, I forget to mention that if he gets his mouth close to one of them while he is in meltdown, he will bite the hand that holds him.  Should I call and tell them, or let them experience it for themselves?

I think, I will let them know.  Full disclosure is my mantra where it comes to David.

On another note, through a friend, I am hoping to go out and visit David for a couple of hours in February.  It will be a quick trip, but so worth it to see my little boy.  I miss him.  As do we all.

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