David’s Honesty About Travel

Honesty is often times a misunderstood topic when it comes to David.

Is he inherently honest?  Yes, I think so.  I think that most people are.  At least that is what I believe.

On the other hand.  Do I believe everything David tells me?

No.  I think not, and neither should you.

Let me give you an example.

Let’s us say that David and I are having a conversation about the weather.  Just for example.

David:  How you doing?

Me: I am ok.  We are having a blizzard.

David: I’ll trade places with you if you want…

Me:  No David, you need to work your program, but I hope to visit you for a couple of hours soon.  Hopefully later next month.

David:  Did you know they have guest housing here?


and that would be the sum total of our conversation.

Later, I would find out that David is telling everyone that I am coming to stay for four or five days.

Our visits to the facility hinge on a number of factors, most important is how healthy I am at that point in time.  The other is travel.  We can’t afford to be driving a thousand miles a month plus miscellaneous expenses such as food.  I wish we could.  The First National Bank of Dad is closed.  No way around that.   If I can hitch a ride with a friend going in that direction, I will gladly do so.  With luck, I will be able to make frequent visits to his facility.

However, at least until summer, it would be just me making the trip, not the whole family.

So, bottom line, don’t believe everything David tells you.  He can tell some whoppers.

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