a setup for failure?

There hasn’t been much to report in regards to David.  He has been doing well, and by all reports is working his program.  Yesterday we had an IEP for him in the morning, and then his monthly treatment plan meeting in the afternoon.  At the second meeting, David indicated that he had reached the next level in his program, Bronze III.  Which means he has been doing really well.

Then he said, “I have a feeling I will be dropping a level soon.”

Today I got a call.  Not that he has been dropped a level, but that he is on an aggression plan.

Evidently he hit his primary.

A toy went missing, and David admitted taking it.

He had his room stripped of everything except his bed, and his bedding.

He wanted to file a grievance, and when he wasn’t able to immediately do so, he got upset.  Staff was in the process of helping another resident, and other staff was setting out afternoon snacks.  David thought he wasn’t getting a snack since he was confined to his room for a brief period for the theft.

Since, they don’t deny food, his fear was groundless.  The grievance form was laid next to his plate, and he got upset because a pencil wasn’t available.  Since David had previously threatened to stab his teacher with a pencil, staff wanted David calmed down before they gave him a pencil.  So David was upset about that.

Now David is on the 24 hour aggression intervention.  As a result he can’t interact with his peers as a group, though he can interact with them one at a time.  As a result, tomorrow when they go to recreation at the UC, he will be working on his aggression plan.

I talked to David about setting himself up for failure.  We talked about him doing things to derail his success.

I am working on my thoughts regarding the monthly treatment plan meeting.  Look for another post soon.



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