Mark 1:11

I would say this applies to each of my kids.  But David, has needs beyond what our other kids do.

Reports for David have been great thus far at the new facility.  Does this mean that he is cured?


Do I expect a cure?


What I expect is for professionals to work with our son at the level that he needs, and right now, that is what the new facility is doing.  They hold him accountable for his actions, what he says, how he eats, everything.  The other really good thing, is the constant communication.  I hear from staff no less than twice a week.  His primary support person calls, his therapist calls, we have an IEP meeting coming up on Wednesday, which will be the second one, and we have a monthly staffing meeting regarding David.  In all meetings, David is included.

At this point, I am very pleased with the decision to move him there.

I miss him, everyday.  I want to hug him often.   It is a highlight of our day when he calls and talks to us.  We don’t force ourselves on him, we would rather our relationship occur with him at the pace that is comfortable for David.

Will he be coming home soon?  Not likely.  Time will tell.



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