Monthly Archives: April 2014

travelling to see David, a sadness.

We live on the great plains of our country.  Northern Great Plains.  we are about 550 miles from the residential facility where David lives.

I wish we had train service between here and there.  The nearest depot to his residence is like 5 hours.

the last Amtrak went into Billings, MT in 1979.  With the cost of fuel the way it is, I wonder if they would reestablish it… probably not.

for those who recommend bus travel, my body wouldn’t do well sitting in one place for that length of time.

ah well, car it is.

the kids are putting every coin they can find into the piggy bank for us to go see him.  even offered their birthday money.

makes my heart sad that I can’t do better.  But my disability check only goes so far.

frustrated, disbelief, sadness

I alternate between disbelief, anger and sadness. It wasn’t our primary choice to place David in his current residence.  It was the only option available at the time because his previous placement, “didn’t feel they were the best place for him and that he needed a more restricted environment.” So now, someone thinks that we… Continue Reading

a note to my daughter, as she graduates…

As you graduate from high school, and transition to college, I just wanted to say a few things. 1)  Treasure the memories that you have made.  Discard the ones that you don’t like, but never forget the lessons they have taught you. 2)  Friends will be with you.  Along the way, you will make new… Continue Reading

What if I said David might be coming home soon…

So, it has been a while since I last posted. Really not a lot to report about David.  He has changed little.  Except he isn’t yet showing the aggressive behaviors that he has in the past.  But it has only been 4 months, in his current placement, so I think that it is only a… Continue Reading

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