frustrated, disbelief, sadness

I alternate between disbelief, anger and sadness.

It wasn’t our primary choice to place David in his current residence.  It was the only option available at the time because his previous placement, “didn’t feel they were the best place for him and that he needed a more restricted environment.”

So now, someone thinks that we don’t really want David in our lives.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  If I thought that David was stable enough to be home permanently, he would be.  You wouldn’t be reading this, and we wouldn’t be bothered by the fact that he is 500 miles from home.

So what can we do?  Today, I called someone within our schools who we have been at odds with in the past regarding David and thanked them for supporting us.  Yes.  Sometimes support comes from the places we least expect it.

If driving out to his facility once a month is what it takes to show them that we want to be in his life, then that is what we will do.  Funding it is something entirely different, but the Lord will provide.


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