What if I said David might be coming home soon…

So, it has been a while since I last posted. Really not a lot to report about David.  He has changed little.  Except he isn’t yet showing the aggressive behaviors that he has in the past.  But it has only been 4 months, in his current placement, so I think that it is only a matter of time.

We have a monthly staffing for David that involves the whole team.  Today I was late getting on the call, had car trouble and while I had my cell phone with me, I didn’t have the contact number for the conference system.

After the call was over, I contacted our care coordinator to see what I had missed.

1)  Medicaid is only approving 30 days right now, of care, because they think that he could be served just as well at home.

2)  Psychiatrist asked if “mom and dad want David to return home, ever.”  (I am not certain of the exact verbiage, but you get the idea)

3)  Both the care coordinator and the principal from David’s elementary school defended us.  Not sure if defended is the right word or not, but they explained that we tried for a lot of year’s to keep David home  before deciding to place him in residential care.

To say that I am frustrated that some faceless person who likely doesn’t have a background in psychiatry, and is just following prompts on a screen, has a decision in the long term care that our son receives…  yeah.  I am not happy.

So what happens to David in 30 days, if they decide that his current placement isn’t appropriate?  and that he can come home?

I would love it if David could be at home rather than in residential care.  But is that what is best for David?   How about for the rest of the family?  We have heard the term “rehome” used in the past.  David is our son.  We aren’t giving him away. We aren’t putting him up for adoption.  It wasn’t our idea to move him 550 miles from home.  We did that because there were no other options available at the time, and his last placement “gave up on him”.

David has been caught sneaking around in the bedrooms of other resident’s in the early morning hours while they are sleeping.  How is that an acceptable behavior?  He constantly provokes peers to get a reaction and doesn’t know why.  How is that an acceptable behavior?



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