ah… David, David, David….

David is a pretty smart kid.  At least when he wants to be.

Let me give you an example.


Now the average person wouldn’t use that word in their everyday language.  David heard the term once, and immediately it became part of his lexicon.  He used it regularly during the conversation.

He doesn’t know why he doesn’t form attachments to people, or why he attacks those who love him most.  He just knows that since we used the word attachment today, that it is important, and he needs to use that word.

I have noted this in the past when talking with David.  If we talk about privileges, he will use the word during the rest of the conversation.   If we talk about attitude, he will use that word.  Is it just a coincidence?

It could very well be.

I don’t think so.

For example.  today we talked about siblings.  How David treats/treated his siblings.  For the most part he was consistent in how he treated his sister.  Attacking, stealing from her, that kind of thing.  I indicated that I thought it was because she was trying to parent him.  So David said that he only attacks people who try to parent him. He only steals from people who try to parent him.

Shortly after this, became bored with today’s therapy session and it was ended.



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