In life, we all have battles that we fight.  How do we choose which battles to fight?

Do we just fight them all as they come to us?

Or is it better to analyze each situation as it arises?

In David’s life, we have tried to not fight every battle that comes up.  We have tried to be diplomatic in as many of our battles with the system that is designed to either educate him, or treat his mental illnesses.

Through this, there has been one common theme.

How will this battle impact David’s life?  His education?

  1. Long term, will this have an impact?
  2. What will this mean for David’s mental health?
  3. What will this mean for David’s education?
  4. Which of his life goals will this affect?
  5. Am I fighting this battle because I need to win or because it is in the best interest of David?

In the end, we have had times when Number 5 was the question most important.  I can’t fight just to be the winner.  I have to do what is in the best interest of my child.  I don’t have to like it.



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