Medicaid, Medicaid, Medicaid, you frustrate me so….

David is adopted.  He was a special needs adoption.  Not because of all of the mental health concerns, but because of his race.

As part of the adoption, he was court ordered to have access to Medicaid.

It seems like every time we turn around, we are fighting for David.  For things that David needs.  Today I received a telephone call regarding his Medicaid.

Evidently because his treatment center is in another state, and because he is a subsidized adoption, we have to apply for Medicaid in the state where the treatment center is.

Why does it seem like every week there is a new road block to surmount?

Today, I was informed that our county will be closing David’s Medicaid, effective the end of the month and that I need to apply for Medicaid in the other state.  Even though we don’t live there.  Even though this isn’t a permanent placement.

Why?  Because he is a subsidized adoption.

I asked, if he wasn’t a subsidized adoption, would it make a difference?

The social worker didn’t know.



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