Medicaid letter

As part of the process of dealing with Medicaid, we received a letter from our county social services office.

It reads in part:

Your Medicaid will end on May 31, 2014 because:
Your case closed as you requested.

It then goes on to list the applicable laws.

Further it states:

The Medicaid for David is closing as he is at the facility in Billings, MT.  A subadopt child is considered to be a resident of the state they are physically living in and will need to apply for Medicaid in the state where they are currently residing.

My thoughts.

David is 12 years old.  He can’t be emancipated to live on his own until he is like 16.   The only reason he is at this facility is because all of the facilities in the state we live in said that they couldn’t take him if the last facility he was in couldn’t/wouldn’t care for him.

David was court ordered by a state court to have Medicaid until he turns 18.  Couldn’t this be considered a violation of that order?  The state his current facility is in considers his placement in the PRTF facility to be optional.

So frustrated.  Because I was out of state last week, the appeal for this goes in tomorrow morning.



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