finding your true path

i am adopted, and had a number of step dads while I was a kid.  Looking back I can see the hallmark indicators of reactive attachment disorder (RAD) in myself.  Not as bad as our David, but still there.  I am the way I am today because of two reasons.

  1. A probation officer gave me two choices.  One was prison, the other was a group home for teens.  (I chose the group home)
  2. I attended anger management classes, because I knew I couldn’t live my life the way that I was.

To say that I was angry as a teen would be a bit of an understatement.  To say that I was mean to my family would also be an understatement.  I make no excuses for my behavior.  Can’t take it back, so the only way is to move forward.

A big part of my growth away from the RAD behaviors was also a bonus of my time in the service.

Am I saying that anger management courses are the solution for all kids with reactive attachment disorder?  No.  Definitely not.  But finding the right combination of therapies and, if needed, medications will see the child through.  Hopefully to a safer path in their life.

I will forever be grateful to the many people that helped me find the tools necessary to change my life.  I pray that David finds his way with the help of the people that are in his life.  Even if the people not directly involved, namely mom and I, aren’t the ones who get the credit.

It is more important to me that he finds his true path in this life.



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