Permanently Institutionalized

Today, we received a notice from Medicaid for David.  It was a notice informing him that he is permanently institutionalized.

The notice went on to state that if he dies, Medicaid MAY decide to recover any payments from his estate, or the estate of his spouse if he is married.

He is deemed permanently institutionalized if he has been in the facility for more than 6 months.


It is your standard form letter.  printed and mailed.

this begs for two questions.  Unless this is a new rule…

1.  David has been in other institutions for more than 6 months each.  Why didn’t they send a letter out then?

2.  Do they understand that he is only 13?  I realized that he could have an estate if we bequeath him our things upon the passing of the whole family.

I guess since Medicaid thinks that he is living independently, anything is possible.



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