Collin Haluska’s Burn Recovery

My friends,

Last month, the son of a dear friend of ours was burned in a tragic accident.  He will be a long time in recovering.  Tragically during this time, the home that the family was renting has been sold and now they have to move.  Collin goes to wound care 2 times a week at 100 miles round trip each visit.  In addition, mom, who is a stay at home mom, has taken on the role of caregiver and nurse, in addition to being mom and driver.

The cost of care associated with a burn of this magnitude is extraordinary and has rapidly depleted the families savings. Now, because Collin has missed so much school, and will miss many more, the family is faced with hiring a tutor for him until the school district kicks in and picks up the costs.  If you can help please follow this link.  If not, perhaps you would be will to share this article with your friends.

You can give through paypal here:

With kind regards.

Caryn Black-Haluska | Collin Haluska’s Burn Recovery.



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