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a 14 year old boy shot in the face during the recent school shooting in Washington state forgives the boy who shot him.

If we can’t forgive each other when we are upset, what are we losing?

the boy in Washington can no longer play football, and has severe facial damage. He will undergo further surgery later this week to repair the damage.

In life, we share words.  And actions that can hurt.  Words that can cut deeply.

The 14 year old? Shot by a cousin. Family. Forgiveness.

Forgiveness isn’t about forgetting.  It is about healing.

David, I forgive you.

the good stuff

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Evan Rachel Wood says Vanity Fair made her feel like ‘meat’ | Fox News —- a message to young ladies everywhere

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This will be my final post on Lost and Tired » Lost and Tired – a farewell and thank you.

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Medicaid Redux – Needs to be seen by an in-state practitioner

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Ending violence in America

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