Medicaid Redux – Needs to be seen by an in-state practitioner

Dear readers, many of you may remember a number of months ago when I discussed the termination of David’s Court Ordered Medicaid.  After many emails and phone calls that situation was corrected, however with a limitation.  Because David is in an out of state placement, he is considered as living independent of the family.  Doesn’t matter that he is 13.  He is responsible for paying almost 1000 a month toward his care.  This is called recipient liability.

Today, David’s mom learned that Medicaid is refusing to pay for dental and vision exams.  Why?  Because he has to be seen by an in-state provider.

Can ND Medicaid possibly mess up anything else?  David didn’t ask to be placed there, we didn’t ask for all in-state facilities to refuse admission, leaving us no choice but to go out of state.




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