the good stuff

Dear readers, as many of you know through the writings here, David has been in residential placement.  He is on his third major placement and like 10th or 11th minor placement.  Major is facilities where he has stayed for more than 30 days, and minor are all of the others.

This past week was a fantastic week for him.  He has some residents in the facility that have been picking on him.  Rather than fighting back physically, he has chosen the power of the pen and filed a complaint.  This is the second time he has chosen this method rather than fighting.   For David this is huge and needs to be celebrated!

The other very positive thing that occurred this last week is that David moved up a level.  He is at the highest privilege level he has ever been at in this facility.

Does that mean he is coming home soon?

Sadly, no.  We will need to transition him to a facility closer to home and work on home visits and other things before that happens.  One week or two, even a month of positive behaviors doesn’t equate to discharge.  David doesn’t understand that.  Short term gains need long term results.

Incredibly enough, right now, I don’t  believe that there are any facilities that would accept him.

And that saddens me greatly.



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