This will be my final post on Lost and Tired » Lost and Tired – a farewell and thank you.

This will be my final post on Lost and Tired » Lost and Tired.

Dear readers,
No this isn’t me closing down my blog.  Our work isn’t yet complete.  This is a farewell to a friend in the blogging and advocacy community.


I have known Rob and Lizzie for almost 5 years.  He was my introduction to  the facebook group Reality Autism.  He was the inspiration behind finding my writing voice here at and in a few other places such as Special Happens.

No one can fault Rob for his dedication to the world of Autism or his family.  The support he and his wife have offered so many for the past few years has been incredible.  I wish him luck in his future endeavors and hope that he knows he can count on me to help in any way that I can.

So for now as we bid adieu, we know it is not forever.

Thank you Rob, you set the bar quite high.  Now do what you need to do for your family, and for you.  I wish you all the success in the world.  I am honored to call you a friend.  When I needed an ear to share ideas with, or an explanation of some piece of Autism, you were there.  When I needed to understand the other side of being married to someone with a chronic health condition, you were there.  When I needed to voice my frustration with adoption processes, and the aftermath of loving children such as ours, you were there.  You hold no judgement on my thoughts and words, in many cases we shared similar opinions.

Even though you aren’t actively blogging, doesn’t mean that you walk away from your friends in the blogging world.  When you get a chance to breath again, to get things under some semblance of control, look me up.  And if I am ever in your part of the world, maybe we can get together for coffee.

Perhaps in the future you might consider writing for whynotfathers.

With warmest wishes for success in family and life.




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