The verdict is in. Ferguson erupts in violence.

I agree with President Obama.  This is an issue for America.


It is a very real issue.


Our son is African-American in heritage.  Do I worry that some day he might be shot because of his actions?


Yes, I do.


Given the verdict that there will be no indictment of the police officer in Ferguson, there is now violence in the city proper.


How does that help advocate for change?  How does destroying a community in protest bring about change?


Who is it hurting?  Who is it helping?  How does destroying a police car help the situation?  How does breaking out the windows of a Chinese Restaurant advocate for the change of racial tensions toward any population?


I am not African-American.  Does that mean that I am any less concerned about this situation?  Absolutely not!


A week or so ago, the governor called up the National Guard to keep the peace in Ferguson.  I imagine that it won’t be long before martial law is ordered.  A curfew is established.


Does history need to repeat itself?  Didn’t this happen in LA back in the 90’s?  in the 60’s?


I don’t pretend to know what it is like to be African-American.  Violence is not the answer.


But then, it is easy for me to armchair this kind of event from my home more than 1000 miles from Ferguson.

Hopefully, the protesters will go home and the events there will not erupt into further violence.  I won’t hold my breath.






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