an update. close watch again

David is on close watch again.  He is under the belief that no matter what he does there, he is going to be moved to another facility.

But that is not entirely why he is on close watch. Seesaw

He is on close watch because:

  1. he climbed to the top of his closet and hid there.
  2. he is threatening to self harm again.
  3. he is combative.
  4. he is tearing large pieces of wood from the bottom of his bed.
  5. he is at risk.

I don’t know if he is delusional or what, but I do know that in the past when he has been like this, it has had a direct affect on my health.  See, I have an auto-immune disorder.  Lupus.  Systemic.

Basically what that means is my body doesn’t like me, and when I feel stress my body goes into self attack mode and tries to hurt me by attacking my heart other internal organs.  This is why I had the heart issues and stuff the summer David was home between placements.

I give the staff credit for working with him.  I know just how difficult it can be.  Sure it what they are paid to do.

So kudos to staff for keeping him safe.  I appreciate it.  My family appreciates it.  Anytime that you need to call, please do so.

They said it is like he is bipolar.  (I reminded them that he IS bipolar)  but these people are not doctors that work with him everyday.  so once they reviewed the notes, they realized that they had missed that.  Hindsight.  I can’t fault them for that, they have a whole building full of kids with autism and other mental illnesses.

Life with David is like playing on a teeter totter.  You have to find a balance and maintain it as long as possible.  If one side changes the slightest bit, the other needs to do the same.



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