Crisis Mode – Setback in treatment

Just got one of those phone calls I dread.

“We had… with David…”

Tonight.  He was, in my view, manic.

It started earlier when we had family therapy.  We clarified his discharge info.  He was under the impression that discharge was imminent.  When in reality, it isn’t.  And it is largely because there isn’t a facility to transition him to so we can work on bringing him home.

Tonight, David was running rampant in the residence hall.  Numerous timeouts.  Yelling that he wanted to be restrained, dodging staff.  Ignoring boundaries.

He even managed to smack another resident in the face with a door.

He was restrained a couple of times when he started self-harming.  Scratching and gouging at his arms.

Then he threatened to kill himself.

So now he has a staff member sitting in his room watching him sleep.  He has been given meds to bring him from the edge of the manic phase.


I can’t help but feel, irrational that it is, that this is my fault.  That he entered this manic phase because of something that I said.


So dear readers.  Please pray for our son.  That he may find internal peace from the manic forces that entangle his mind.  Help him make positive choices.  We know he can do so.  Medication isn’t a cure, rather it is a tool. Please keep him safe.

I did give them authorization to place him in a psychiatric hold at the hospital if necessary.  Hopefully it won’t be.  Especially since he is so far from home.



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