I am homesick – he says

Ice Rink on Libocký RybníkIs it ok for me to be tired of all of this?

I’ll be more positive next week.

They evidently think that David’s behaviors/anger has nothing to do with his bipolar.

They moved him upstairs, he has himself convinced that it is because one of his peers was pounding on the wall.

He claims that the cut on his knee was a result of an accident.  He broke the window, and then when they restrained him, he got cut.  This is what he is telling people.

I don’t believe him.  If the cut was an accident, and it is possible that it was, given the history of him repeatedly threatening to do so, why did he put his fingers into the wound, after they took the glass away from him, and start pulling on it to make it bigger?  Who does something like that?

He claims that he is homesick.  After all this time.

I pray that would be true, as it would mean that we are making progress. That he is making progress.

How sadistic is it for me to want him to be homesick?

I miss him.  We miss him.

He ended therapy early so that he could go on an off-campus pass – ice skating.

I concede that it is possible for him to be homesick.



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