David and his irrational beliefs


Fixates on things.

So when he asked about discharge from the facility he is in, I explained that before he could be discharged, a facility needed to be identified and either restructured or added on to, in order to house a child with Autism.

Evidently he is under the belief that he is being discharged.   And discharged to a specific place.

Since I listed a number of facilities that could potentially be adapted for the needs of kids with Autism, he decided the one he is going to.

Bubble Murder Pentalogy - Episode 1Hate to burst his bubble, but unless things have drastically changed in the state of North Dakota’s mental health institutions, he isn’t coming home soon.

Much as I want him home, it would likely be a huge step back for him to come straight home from his current facility.  How do I know this?  Simple history.  It has happened before.  He does great for a while, and gradually his behaviors deteriorate.  So there needs to be some type of step-down or transition facility between there and home.  Sadly he won’t be able to see beyond his belief that he is getting discharged.



3 Responses to David and his irrational beliefs

  1. Sorry.  He has awesome parents. I just wish you were closer and there was some magic wand to make things better.