Our Favorite Special Ed Teacher

Today’s post is about our favorite special education teacher.  Yes.

/approveI know what you are thinking.. “Again?  What did this person do now?”

Actually, it isn’t what you think.

This teacher has moved to a new district, and while I am happy that the teacher is no longer working with my children, and hasn’t been for a few years actually, I do have knowledge of their work through my bride.

So let me say this.  This post is not about complaint.

Rather, I am proud of what this teacher has accomplished this year.  This teacher is in a work environment where they can get the support that they need to excel at being the kind of special education teacher I think that they can be.  And I think that they will be the kind of teacher that they hoped to be when they first started out to become an educator.

The kind of teacher that makes a difference in the lives of her students.

Sure this teacher isn’t make the difference alone, rather as part of a team of professionals.  But it helps when said professionals tell you that you can’t do things, or that the things that you are doing aren’t working.  It helps when you have direction in your job to be the best kind of educator possible.

It is my hope that this teacher can continue to improve.  Continue to let go of old habits.  Continue to make a difference in the lives of others.

This is not to say that I won’t author articles listing transgressions from our favorite special education teacher.  But praise is earned here.

Hopefully praise will be earned from the parents who have children in this teachers class.

Thumbs up from Why Not Fathers.  – I hope that the change continues to hold.




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